Property Price Tracker

Track property price changes with PropertyGum. Property price tracking made simple by installing PropertyGum rightmove chrome extension.

Install PropertyGum Chrome Extension

Instantly check rightmove properties price changes, reviews & ratings posted by other users

How it works?

When you view a property listing on a site like, the propertygum chrome extension will show the changes to the price and details since the property was listed. Also if you signup, you will be able to see historical information found by other users.

In addition to tracking prices you will also be able read or post reviews of the properties for sale as well as rate and vote them.

These prices and other details like property address, no of bedrooms, estate agency details are saved to the PropertyGum database (if they don't already exist). Once the prices are saved, the full list of prices for each property is downloaded and displayed on the page (in the form of an up, down or sideways arrow icon, and a pop for each icon to show the prices list).

How does this help me?

We know that, as an average person, buying a property is perhaps the largest single expense you will incur in your lifetime. We want to make sure that you as a buyer make the right choice when doing so.
From a buying perspective, this entails making a reasonable offer that doesn’t fundamentally exceed that actual valuation and that takes into consideration other factors like foreseeable market conditions, the location including any developments in the property’s area.
Also, from a selling prospective, we want to make sure you list your property with a reasonable price that is priced-to-sell and that takes into consideration other similarly-sized properties in the area with similar features.
Buyers and sellers may very well use prices of other listings and estate agents’ opinions as price guides, but wouldn’t it be better to get a poll opinion too? That’s what PropertyGum is all about!